Spot Details


The Medano is placed in the Tenerife Island is the home spot of one of the best windsurfers, Alex Muossolini. The place has three main spots, the Medano Beach, where you can practice if you are learning or where you can start learning, a very secure spot, there are kitesurfing and windsurfing schools everywhere.  Going upwind you find another spot  called el muelle, it is a very nice wave spot you have to sail upwind to get here, is like 15 minutes from Medano beach.

The last spot , and one of the best in the canary islands, is El Cabezo, has been host sometimes of PWA events, you can sail here from Medano beach or just park in front of the spot. 

The town is excellent to have a good time, there is accommodation and restaurants everywhere a lot of people enjoying their holidays, is really easy meet new people!. 

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