Spot Details

Pozo Izquierdo

Here you can find an amazing level of riders, you will sail with the best windsurfers and you will learn for sure.  Is amazing the power of the wind it doesn´t stop.

Pozo is a very good spot to come with friend or alone, you have party, tourism places  and quitness if you are looking for it. For party you are 30 minutes from Mas Palomas where all the crazyness happens, and for visiting the activities are endless you can visit another islands, go to the mountains, go Las Palmas, there is a lot to do. 

The facilities of the spot are really good, there are three main windsurfing stores just next to the beach, you rent and you can buy,

With regards of the accommodation there is good enough offer, for young riders and for the experienced ones.

We think pozo is the perfect spot to be based if you are coming to Gran Canaria Island, we´ll help you with all the arrangments. 

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